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Herbal Tincture
Herbal Tincture
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Tincture of BlackLeaf is an herbal supplement compound maximizing the benefits of combining Black Walnut, Cayenne, and Olive Leaf.

size: 2.2 fluid ounces

*All information below is provided by Manufacturer:

This Tincture for Pets is a powerful herbal blend of “Black Walnut”, “Olive Leaf” & “Cayenne” developed for pets of all ages. The botanicals are wildcrafted and harvested at optimal potency using the “Foss Method” allowing each molecule to become saturated with the plant’s total natural essences and anti-microbial properties. This powerful product also offers many “Internal and Topical” support uses.

Note: This Tincture may vary in color and appearance from batch to batch due to the natural wild-crafting.

Natural Properties of Olive Leaf
“Olive leaf” throughout history has been recognized to help support good immune health. Olive leaf is a powerful choice in the battle against environmental stressors. Scientists isolated a particular substance from the olive leaf and named it “oleuropein”. This was found to be the substance which made the tree itself more hardy and resistant. By the 1960’s, further research showed that the active ingredient in oleuropein was “oleanolic acid”. Olive leaf may offer support for upper respiratory problems.

As far back as Biblical times, the Olive leaf has been associated with many amazing health-support properties. In later times, the olive leaf specifically was found to be very effective as ‘tea’ made by boiling down olive leaves in water. This recipe was well-known in England in the mid-1800’s for helping travelers returning from the tropical colonies.

Natural Properties of Black Walnut
Black walnut is similar to olive leaf in regards to natural immune actions. It is known to help oxygenate the blood and has natural anti-parasitic qualities. The compound also contains a highly concentrated form of organic iodine. Internally, Black Walnut may offer support for occasional constipation, and the fight against environmental stress.

Natural Properties of Cayenne
Perhaps the greatest natural stimulant known, Cayenne has been called the single greatest “driver” of other herbs. No other herb is quite in this class making it a must for all formulas. Simply said, when you need to get an herb to any location in the body cayenne reigns supreme. The uses of cayenne are so numerous that it has been claimed “the single greatest herb.”

Cayenne pepper is derived from the fruit berry of Capsicum annum, a tropical shrub. In folk medicine, it has been used for respiratory and digestive health**. Recent studies, however, have shown that it can help support the circulatory system**. Regions of the world where cayenne pepper is consumed regularly have shown circulatory wellness*.

Black Walnut Hull (Jugians nigra), Olive Leaf (Olea europaea), Cayenne Fruit (Capsicum annuum) Distilled water. Ethanol

Content: 50%. Herb strength 5:1.

Directions for Use
For Pets: Add to the pet’s food twice daily or give to orally full-strength or mixed with water using the included syringe or eye dropper. This Tincture may be given directly under the tongue.

Pet’s Body-weight. Recommended Usage
5-30 lbs. 2-3 drops twice daily
30-80 lbs. 5-7 drops twice daily
80-150 lbs. 10-15 drops twice daily
150-250 lbs. 15-20 drops twice daily

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