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Paw Chic Timilee Romolini with rescue dog German Shepard at Pawchic

BRAND NEW!! This is a TEST page. We often do "fundraisers" for rescue dogs...this is a TEST page.
  • color: tan
  • detail: leather upper
  • size: 7.5
  • retails for $139 ... MINIMUM monetary GIFT from you - $50
NOTE from TIMI: Don't forget - this is not a "garage sale", this is a "Gift for a Gift" to assist with our rescue dogs medical expenses allowing us to save more lives. You are not buying anything but, rather, receiving a beautiful present as gratitude for your own kind gift given to benefit these helpless lives so matter what - you've made a great choice! FYI: if you live in Los Angeles, just contact us and feel free to come on over (Westwood) and try any item on first. We are located in a security building so please be prepared to provide driver's license to security to gain access.
AFTER PROCESSING YOUR MONETARY GIFT FOR THE RESCUES, YOU MUST NOTE ON THE "MESSAGE" SECTION OF THE FORM WHICH "GIFT" YOU`VE SELECTED. YOU CAN ALSO EMAIL ME WITH THE "GIFT" OF YOUR CHOICE TO ENSURE YOU RECEIVE YOUR DESIRED PRESENT. Without ensuring to note which present you chose, I can not ensure that you will receive the desired present as your notification is the only way I will know what the item is...and we certainly want you to have your gift! Congratulations on your choice!

Please be sure to either email: ask4 (at) pawchicboutique.com
or call: 310-234-1021 to advise what you chose.

Thank you for caring. ~Timi


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