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Pug - black
Pug - black Pug - black
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Pictures do NOT do this adorable item justice!! Sooooo cute in person!! Impeccably made and most certainly a conversation piece & wonderful way to "take your baby" with you while at school or work.

Literally, the PERFECT gift for any Pug parent!

  • Clip it to your keys
  • Clip to your Purse or Belt
  • Remove claw clip and wear as a charm on a chain or braclet!
  • Clip on to an Urn to celebrate your lost loved one
  • Affix it to the "Save Our Pet" Plaque (sold separately) to let Emergency Responders know the loved one they need to save! 

There are endless possibilities to show off the love you have for your little one. This chic dog tag is UNIQUEand all are "one-of-a-kind" as no two are exactly alike. That's because each and every piece is HAND MADE in the USA of selected metals. This tag is super light, which is why they can easily be attached to your dog's collar if desired. Just remove the latch and your beloved will have a mini-me to carry around. But why not enjoy this beautiful piece of art yourself?! 

We at PawChic are proud to carry this artist's work, and don't know any other boutiques where they are available so - Congratulations on your find!

This item makes a great gift for anyone!