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About Us

Established in 2008, PawChic is a store born to directly benefit and provide funds to support rescue dogs' medical & rehabilitation needs so that a forever home may be sought for them.  The PawChic Boutique is a high-end dog boutique that specializes in one-of-a-kind and exclusive items, and luxury European and American made couture designs to PAMPER & PROTECT YOUR PET IN STYLE ...while supporting a good cause! Whether bedding, fashion or accessories, PawChic strives to bring you choices of quality and comfort above most other standards. Timi personally and consciously chooses products that she believes are healthy, luxurious and/or beneficial to your beloved companion(s)’ safety and comfort. She seeks designers who understand high-standard products and luxury, and who truly care about the well being of the clients! If a product isn’t good enough for Timi, Bugsy and Winston, then it will not be found in the PawChic Boutique!

In addition to the care we take in the quality of the products that we provide, we at PawChic are dedicated to enhancing the lives of animals, sharing invaluable knowledge and tips on caring for our cherished pets, as well as creating change in hopes of upgrading the standards and status given to pets. (Please see our "Animal Awareness" page and the "Doggie Tips" page featuring the monthly "Timi Talks" column. And if you live in Los Angeles, please view the LA Dogs: Adopt Us page for PawChic rescues and lovable dogs currently on death row and pleading for adoption. AND now YOU can help support rescue dogs by simply "liking" the Timi Talks Facbook page!!!

The PawChic Boutique is owned and operated with awareness, integrity and love.

Understanding the canine's need and desire to both give love and be loved, Timi actively works with various animal rights organizations and city shelters dedicating both time and income. Her motivation behind opening the dog boutique was to provide quality products and dedicate the additional income toward providing medical and nutritional care for her rescue animals, saving as many lives from death row (and the streets) as possible. (please view the LA Dogs: Adopt Us page for lovable dogs currently on death row or recently rescued, and in need of a new home.) Many of these delicate paws are "Cache dogs". Evidence dogs hidden and inaccessible to the public at certain LA shelters. Such poor souls have no hope without independent rescues. The money earned at this online dog boutique assists Timi in caring for desperate, and otherwise suffering, animals in need. PawChic allows Timi to ensure that safe necessities (Timi’s Must Have List) and chic luxuries are available to pet parents in a market otherwise saturated with inferior and hazardous options. Timi's greatest joy is producing and providing the Animal RightsDoggie Tips and LA Dogs: Adopt Us sections of this site. 

Bugsy ensures that everyday is a good day for the PawChic family. A joyful spirit, Bugsy understands that laughter provides for a full and healthy life…and he provides plenty of it! While Bugsy helps out in all sections of the store, he is most often found in Cuisine.Yes we know Bugs. Now stop eating all the inventory!
Winston, a Pug like his younger brother Bugs, is an Aristocrat in his own mind & provides judicious opinions on our fashion choices...he refuses to budge if he finds a garment uncomfortable! Just like "the Princess & the Pea", Winston knows a quality bed when his tushy feels one. He personally assures our customers that those with his paw of approval will satisfy the most discerning dog!

Paw Chic dog boutique actress Timilee Romolini at Paw Chic with Pugs